Conviction N°4

BIG DATA is the 4th component of the Genetech platform by Grimaud.

This technology makes it possible to evaluate large quantities of data produced in breeding, thanks to innovative methods of collecting phenotypical and genotypical information, combined with bio-computing and mathematics progress.

Powerful algorithms ensure the proper treatment for FAST GENETIC PROGRESS, balanced and long-lasting, as well as for better understanding of the interaction between genetics and environmental parameters, leading to a better expression of the genetic potential.

Big data

The new digital technologies multiply the sources of information and generate a considerable amount of "data". These stem from classic measurements made on animals (weight, body composition, laying, reproduction, etc.), but also new tools such as monitoring (RFID and other captors allowing for data to be collected continuously over a long period) or medical imaging. Fine phenotyping supplements genomics, with the production of dozens if not hundreds of thousands of pieces of information for each individual.

Big Data allows for the exploitation of this important flow of information from various origins thanks to powerful algorithms. In the long run, they produce selection indexes enabling the choice of the best individuals in a balanced and sustainable model.



  • The collection and interpretation of all the information falling in the Big Data allow new features such as the animals' behaviour and the robustness criteria to be taken into account simultaneously.
  • The heterogeneous data considered (individual and environmental performances) makes it easier to understand the complexity of the genetic potential and therefore to provide more performances to breeders.

Groupe Grimaud

The mission of the Groupe Grimaud is to further develop know-how and products in the life science field, contributing to the development of efficient solutions for the food and health industries throughout the world.

Our two core businesses are:

  • Genetic selection, production and distribution of animal breeding stock, hatching eggs and semen for layers, pigs, ducks, guinea fowls, rabbits, pigeons & shrimps.
  • Bio-pharmacy serving human and animal health through vaccines, pharmaceutical proteins and sera, human antibodies, specific pathogen free animals, bacterial cultures.